Since 2006, the J Jackson Production team has been working to sell your event tickets and produce both stunning music concerts and festivals. One of our main goals is to offer an epic experience to anyone who attends any of our events. Every ticket buyer, every venue, and every artist deserves the absolute best in entertainment production. We are committed to taking your event to the next level by providing quality venues that feature today’s hottest performers. Allow us to give you and your guests the top-drawer experience they deserve.

J Jackson Production was named the Best Promoter/Production Company in Central California. It’s no surprise with our all-star staff:

  • Jimmie Jackson — CEO/President
  • Jolanda Jackson — Vice President
  • Alysia Avalos — COO
  • Jerris Jackson — Executive Advisor
  • Evelyn Gerbrandt — CFO

Our team has nearly three decades worth of experience in the industry. This has allowed us to master what works, what doesn’t, and where trends are headed when it comes to throwing an incredible event. We’ve worked with gospel artists, new and up-coming artists, corporate companies, and even politicians. No matter your needs, our amazing team is here to ensure you get and give the best experience.
Let us turn you to a production company who believes in providing unbelievable results. From a single concert to a multi-day festival, we are the crew to call. Contact J Jackson Productions today to learn what we can do for your event.