Finding the best concert venues in your town can take years of exploration. So many factors are involved, from the size of the space to the decor, acoustics, and the type of artists they book. It’s also a very personal decision — someone who likes to spread out a picnic blanket and sip wine while listening to cellos and violins will be looking for a much different space than someone who wants to take their shirt off and mosh to metal on a sticky bar room floor. 

In today’s blog we cover a wide range of Fresno concert venues, so that every type of music lover in our community can find a space that they’ll want to keep coming back to. Here at J Jackson Productions, our favorite way of exploring the local music scene is to keep checking the events pages for our favorite venues, so we can buy our concert tickets to see our favorite artists before they run out. We’re passionate about supporting local artists, but we also love to bring larger shows to our community. Learn more about our production team and buy concert tickets to our upcoming events today! And if you’re new to the Fresno music scene, or are just looking to discover something new, continue reading this blog post.

Fulton 55

The Fulton is a mainstay in the Fresno music scene. In this downtown venue, you can enjoy live music from both local bands and larger acts on tour across the country. The intimate venue allows you to get up close to your favorite musicians, and the two full-service bars ensure that you’re not waiting in line for a drink all night. The upstairs area allows you to relax and overlook the stage, while downstairs you can dance or mosh to your heart’s content.

Check out their upcoming events — you’re bound to find a band you’ll want to buy concert tickets for!

Engelmann Cellars

You wouldn’t think that a winery would make for a good concert venue, but they host great bands on their outdoor stage! There’s nothing better than sitting out with a glass of wine under twinkling string lights listening to your favorite music. Along with live shows, they also host a karaoke night and kids are welcome. You can even hold other events there, including weddings. The large lawn and spectacular sunsets make this a magical Fresno spot. Learn more and browse their upcoming events.

The Wakehouse

The Wakehouse brings together live music, great burgers, and a cocktail lounge. The bar and lounge sits on the banks of the Kings River and is owned by Fresno locals. Grab a cold beer and enjoy a relaxing evening. Check out their event page and stop by to experience this classic Fresno establishment.


ApCal is one of the most exciting venues in the valley. Its outdoor stage is full every weekend in the summer, with a wide variety of music — from rock tribute bands to Latin music night to country music, ApCal has it all. There are wine and beer booths, and you can even bring your own cooler with snacks. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the show. Browse their upcoming events and buy your concert tickets for the next hot show.

Azteca Theater

The Azteca is an often overlooked venue, but its intimate indoor stage and dance space is great for when you want to get up close to your favorite artists. Visit if you like to dance, and are OK with a space that’s a little grittier than your average concert venue. Inside tip: it can also get very hot in the space during the summer, but it’s a great place to go in cooler months. Oh, and bring a water bottle to drink while you wait to get in. Because we all know how hot it can get here in the valley.

Fresno Philharmonic

The philharmonic isn’t our scene, but maybe it’s yours! We’re lucky to have such a beautiful venue for classical music. More so, the talented musicians under newly appointed music director Rei Hotoda have made our philharmonic orchestra one of the best in the region. In fact, it is the largest — and one of the most respected — between San Francisco and LA. The Fresno Philharmonic not only plays shows for the general public, but it also offers music education programs to audiences and school children across the Central Valley. Explore and buy concert tickets to their upcoming events, and, if you’re a teacher or a parent of a child interested in music, dive into their extensive catalog of school programs.  

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