Even the most seasoned concert goers can end up at a show and realize they’ve forgotten something simple — like hair ties for when you get overheated from dancing too hard or cash for the cash-only bar. J Jackson Productions is here to help with our what to pack and what to leave list. Prepare for your next Fresno show and remember to buy your music tickets from J Jackson Productions!

What to Bring

Music Tickets

It may seem simple, but you’d be surprised how many times people get to the show and fumble through their pockets looking for the tickets. Electronic music tickets make this a little easier — just don’t forget your phone!


If you wear glasses, don’t get stuck holding them to your face in your hands while you dance the night away. Put in some contacts. If you don’t normally wear contacts, try getting a pack of one day pairs that you can throw away after the show.


If you’re going to an outdoor concert or a music festival, sunscreen is a must. Especially in Fresno and California — we get some hot, sunny summers! Protect your skin so that all you bring home are memories, not red, blistered skin.


Even if you’ve got music tickets to a mellow reggae concert, your ears can still be damaged from the amps. Our ears aren’t used to the level of sound coming from a stage, and once you’ve damaged your ear drums you can’t get that sensitivity back. Plus, earplugs make the show more enjoyable, especially if you’re close to the stage. Oh, and you don’t need to feel like you’re underwater the next day at work. Win win.


Don’t make the mistake of wearing uncomfortable shoes to a show! Make sure you have some arch support. And if you’re going to rock heels or boots, get ones that can stand up to a full night of dancing. Nothing is worse than being distracted by aching or blistered feet.

What to Leave at Home

Your Favorite Outfit

While it’s fun to dress up for a show, you want to wear something you don’t mind getting sweaty in or having a beer spilled on. If you’re going to be heartbroken by your jeans or top getting ruined, don’t wear it.

Dangerous Items

No good venue will let you in the door with a weapon, but there are also other potentially dangerous items you should leave at home. One that we always see, especially in Fresno’s rainy season, is the pointy umbrella. Don’t do it. Not only will you be stuck carrying it around, but it might also get stuck in someone’s side or eye. 


Unless you’re attending a relaxed, outdoor concert, you probably won’t be able to bring in outside food. Take yourself to dinner beforehand and fill up so you won’t be hungry or feel the need to smuggle in snacks.

A Bad Attitude

Shows are more fun when you’re amped to go! Leave your bad attitude at home, even if you’re being dragged by your younger sister who bought you both music tickets to something you hate. Here at J Jackson, we believe everyone can have fun at nearly every type of live music. There’s an energy that you can’t find elsewhere.

J Jackson Productions

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