People across the country — including in Fresno and central California — flock to see tribute bands. Tribute bands give us the chance to see bands who have broken up, lost members, or have members that have retired. They give us a chance to come together and remember what it felt like to be in the front row of a Queen concert when we were teens. 

Here at J Jackson Productions, we know that there’s nothing quite like live music. There’s something special about coming together and dancing with others who love the same songs we do. Let’s rock out together and make new memories at the Pop, Rock, and Drop It show on August 17th. Buy your concert tickets today!

Why Tribute Bands?

It’s the closest you’ll ever get to seeing the real thing! Were you born in the wrong decade and were too young to see Prince in his prime? Do you miss rocking out at an AC/DC show? Then you should buy music tickets to the Pop, Rock, and Drop It show at the Paul Paul in Fresno!.

Tribute bands fill that need we have to see the greats. They dress the part and are top-notch musicians, performing all the legendary hits. Tribute bands have been around for as long as rock stars have been bringing in crowds. After all, we have all seen the Elvis impersonators performing in Vegas and across the country! 

The artists at J Jackson Productions Pop, Rock, and Drop It show are incredible performers — they wouldn’t be able to pay tribute to the rock greats if they weren’t! Even though you can listen to Micheal Jackon on Spotify, you’ll never be able to see him in concert. But you can see an incredible tribute to him and a show with unforgettable production. Buy your concert tickets to see tribute bands for Micheal Jackson, AC/DC, Queen, and more.

Cover vs. Tribute

A cover song is when an artist takes a previously recorded song and does something new to it, making it their own. Sometimes, very rarely, they cover an entire album, like Ryan Adams did with his track-by-track cover of Taylor Swift’s album 1989. The overall feeling of the cover version has to differ in some way from the original. To use the Ryan Adams/Taylor Swift example, the cover album was filled with acoustic, indie versions of the original, upbeat, synth-pop songs.

Attribute version of a song or album, though, attempts to capture the sound and energy of the original version. The goal is not to reinterpret the song, but to attempt a reproduction — playing and performing the song the same way it was originally played. Close listening will reveal the differences between the songs, but the goal is to reproduce the energy, feeling, and emotion that the original gave to fans.

J Jackson Productions

Keep your pulse on the Fresno music scene by regularly checking our our event page. We specialize in making memorable concerts — like our Pop, Rock, and Drop It tribute band concert — possible. Buy your concert tickets to see tribute bands for Micheal Jackson, AC/DC, Queen, and Prince today.

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